About Us

Helping clients navigate and manage EHS compliance for more than 30 years.

Management solutions created by EHS Consultants for EHS Professionals.

Our History

SolutionsTRAK is the product of more than thirty years of Environmental, Health and Safety Consulting and more than ten years of client use and feedback.

In 2006, PSARA Technologies, Inc. developed a compliance management and tracking system to solve the needs of several clients. After a wealth of feedback, numerous iterations, and interest from a growing number of clients, this solution became what is now known as PlanTRAK. Now, our system is expanding to incorporate training, incident and accident reporting, and leading safety metrics modules as a part of the SolutionsTRAK suite.

With over 10 years of client use and feedback, SolutionsTRAK has evolved to provide the most comprehensive and efficient platform for tracking EHS regulatory requirements at thousands of facilities across the globe.

We Make the System Work for You

SolutionsTRAK believes in the same approach as PSARA Technologies:

Values build trust – Trust builds relationships.

For that reason, SolutionsTRAK has retained nearly every customer we’ve had. We believe in working closely with our customers and utilizing our expertise in EHS compliance to ensure our system is providing maximum value.

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