PlanTRAK Lite

EHS Software for $100/month, seriously.

Does it seem like every solution out there is designed for large companies with extensive budgets?

Well, we’re here to change that. Introducing an EHS management system for single facilities or more streamlined management programs: PlanTRAK Lite


Up to 5 accounts

PlanTRAK Lite provides one administrator account and up to 4 additional accounts, so you can delegate tasks and monitor completion.

Management Plan & Email Notifications

The Management Plan and email notifications feature are included with PlanTRAK Lite: allowing you to set, assign, and remind employees of recurring events automatically.

Audit & Checklist Tools

The audit and checklist tools are also included in PlanTRAK Lite. Record audit findings and turn them into corrective tasks. Create customized checklists and generate tasks based on findings or deficiencies.

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