Announcing PlanTRAK 5.1!

The newest version of our flagship product includes new features, improved user-friendliness, and enhancements to reporting tools.

Triggered Action Plans

Reduce time spent creating responsive action plans by setting Triggered Action Plans. This feature enables you to set a template of corrective tasks to be activated with a click of a button when a triggering event occurs. All you need to do is click, make necessary revisions, and activate.

Required Attachments

Improve documentation and accountability by requiring users to attach documentation before closing an event. This feature requires a document or comment to be attached before the user is able to close the event.

Required Checklists

Ensure completion and documentation of checklists by requiring either the completion of an online checklist or attachment of a PDF checklist. This feature requires an online checklist to be completed or a PDF checklist to be attached before the user is able to close the event.

Simplified Emails & Close Screens

Spend even less time worrying about users understanding how to use the system. Our email notifications and close screens were updated to be even easier to understand and use.

Reporting Improvements

Get more out of PlanTRAK with new and improved reporting tools. PlanTRAK 5.1 contains several updates to the reports, including: stream-lined filters, enhanced functionalities, visual improvements, and other upgrades increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

External (PDF) Checklists

Utilize your paper checklists in PlanTRAK by creating ‘external’ (PDF) checklists. You can now attach these checklists to events and require the completed checklist to be scanned and attached before the user is able to close the event.

See the new features and updates for yourself!

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