PlanTRAK 6.0 Guide

PlanTRAK is getting a brand-new look and some exciting updates!

We wanted to update PlanTRAK’s design to reflect its function. So, we came up with a clean, modern look that reduces clutter, maintains simplicity, and minimizes changes to our users’ day-to-day use of the system.

PlanTRAK EHS management system open events table.

Document Manager: Table

Uploaded documents are stored in the Document Manager and can be filtered in several different ways. The Document Manager table has multiple columns and filters that to help users find and view more information about documents. The columns include:  name, location, area, upload date, plan assignments, and options.

Document Manager Columns:

  • Name: the title of the document.
  • Location: the facility, product group, or company that the document has been assigned.
    • Documents can only be linked to plan items in location(s) that the document was assigned.
  • Area: the type of document (stormwater, underground storage tank, SPCC, etc.).
  • Uploaded: the date and time the document was originally uploaded.
  • Plans: the number of Plan Items a document is assigned to.
  • Options: lets the user interact with a document and has three actions:
    • View – open the document
    • Edit – edit the criteria of a document
    • Archive – move the document to the archive table

Users can also directly view a document by clicking on the document’s name. For a quick way to filter through documents, users can click on the table headers for “Name”, “Location”, “Area”, and “Uploaded”.

Document Manager Filters

If a user wants to perform a more advanced search, they can use the filters on the left side of the page. The File Name box can be used to find documents with certain keywords in their document name. Documents can be filtered by location and area. Documents can also be filtered by Category, which describes whether a document is a reference document (files that have been uploaded as supplemental material) or a checklist document (files that are required to close checklist events). Lastly, documents can be filtered by File Type (PDF, Word, Excel, or Image). To process the selected filters, users should click “Submit.” Filters can be reset by clicking “Reset.”

Document Manager Options

On the right-hand side of the table are “Options”, which gives the user the ability to “View”, “Edit”, or “Archive” the selected document. “View” opens the selected document, “Edit” lets the user edit document details (change the file name or assign it a different location and area), and “Archive” sends the document to the Document Archive. To access the Document Archive, simply click the “Archive” button located underneath the Document Filters.

Document Manager: Assigning Documents in PlanTRAK

Documents that have been uploaded to the Document Manager can be assigned to Plan Items and Events. When creating or editing Plan Items and Events, documents can be attached by navigating to Advanced Edit, then to the Documents section of the screen. Up to ten documents can be added to a single Plan Item or Event.

Site Information Page

The new Site Information Page allows users to add relevant comments to a facility’s main page. This is a good place to put general notes about regulatory inspections, state or local regulations, activity at the site/facility, or other relevant information. To access the Site Information Page, click the information icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Managers, directors, and administrators can view this page, but only directors and administrators have permission to edit. Associates cannot view or edit this page.

Overdue Reminder Notification

This feature ensures overdue events are not forgotten with a reminder notification that is sent a set number of days after an event has gone overdue. The default number of days for this reminder is 5, although this number can be changed by contacting PSARA directly. If an event remains overdue after 5 days, everyone on the Overdue Reminder list will be sent this one-time notification. Users on the Overdue Reminder list can be changed on the edit screen.

Event History

Event history displays an event’s previous activity, which includes a time stamp of who has closed, approved, or re-opened an event. Event History will appear at the bottom of the view screen of closed events. It also appears on the review screen of the holding table.

To view Event History of a closed/archived event:

To view Event History in the Holding Table:

For more information about PlanTRAK 5.2 or general questions about using PlanTRAK, please contact Julia Court at jncourt@psara.com or call (513)792-6944.

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