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Powerful environmental software that is straightforward and easy to use. Organize, simplify, and automate your environmental program so your people know what to do and you know what’s happening at each facility, whether you’re managing one facility, or one hundred.

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What is PlanTRAK?

PlanTRAK is an environmental compliance management tool designed to streamline your program by enabling you to effortlessly organize, assign, and track compliance tasks and requirements across multiple facilities. With PlanTRAK, you gain full visibility into compliance status, reducing risk and providing peace of mind. Think of PlanTRAK as your ultimate task management tool for efficient environmental compliance.


PlanTRAK Lite

For small businesses, single-facility managers, or those looking to see how PlanTRAK works.


For multi-facility companies looking to organize and streamline their compliance program.

Multi-Facility Support
Automated Email Notifications
Custom Areas
Number of UsersUnlimitedUnlimited
Number of User Ranks24
ReportsChecklist ReportAll
Checklist Report
Custom Report
Color Report
Facility Metrics
Notification Report
ToolsAudits, Checklists, Doc ManagerAll
Action Plans
Holding Table
Transfer Tool
Document Manager

Why PlanTRAK for your EHS Management?

Easy to Use

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Reduce compliance risk with PlanTRAK today

Environmental Compliance is complicated enough. PlanTRAK helps make your process easier, with less management. Focus on compliance, not the busywork.

Get started today with a free-trial, or watch a demo of our premium version.