Free Download: Stormwater Inspection Checklist


Industrial stormwater inspection requirements vary from state-to-state, but no matter where your facility is located, you need a good stormwater inspection checklist to comply with your permit. It’s typically a simple document—no more than a few pages long—that gives you a framework for your monthly or quarterly inspections.

We’ve provided a free downloadable stormwater inspection checklist in Word format, so you can edit the visual inspection form for your facility’s needs.

To make the template work for you, start by filling in all stormwater control measures at your facility, from filter devices on ponds to outdoor storage tanks. Next catalog all industrial activities exposed to stormwater. This includes above ground storage tanks, vehicle refueling, metal products, stockpiles of dirt, open-top dumpsters and more.

Once you’ve tailored the stormwater inspection form for each facility, work with your team on what it takes to conduct a quality industrial stormwater inspection. Set a general timeframe (e.g. 30 or 60 minutes) for how long it should take to do a thorough job at each facility. Then emphasize that it’s about more than checking “yes,” “no,” or “maintenance.” Encourage your team to take advantage of the notes section to catalog what they see on the visual inspection form.

Taking the time to prepare a thorough checklist and prepping your team on how to conduct an inspection both go a long way toward good industrial stormwater management.

Download your free stormwater inspection checklist.

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