12 Awesome EHS Blogs and Websites

12 Awesome EHS Blogs and Websites

By Dylan DeZeeuw

If you’re an EHS manager, you know keeping up with the changes in the environmental, health, and safety industry can be an arduous task. There are ever-changing guidelines, industry trends and news. Plus, new regulations seem to be passed, proposed, eliminated, or changed every day. So how do you keep up with it all?

To make things a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of 12 awesome EHS blogs and websites to help you stay-in-the-know about major EHS regulations and more. We’ve included some big, tried-and-true sites, as well as some great under-the-radar resources.

  1. EHS Daily Advisor: Environmental compliance, occupational health and safety, sustainability, risk management

EHS Daily Advisor provides a comprehensive source of environmental, health, and safety content in a variety of multimedia formats to keep you up-to-date on the latest EHS regulatory news, insight, and trends in just about every industry.

Check Out: The EHS on Tap podcast, which hosts industry experts discussing hot topics and advice. Recent episode: What’s the Story with e-Manifests?


  1. EHS Today: Workplace safety, health, environment, sustainability, risk management

EHS Today delivers best management practices, trends, regulatory news, and new products to help EHS leaders keep their employees healthy and safe at work. The site includes a magazine, eNewsletter, and blog featuring topics for the manufacturing, construction, and other service industries.

Check Out: EHS Today webinars, offering information, advice, and analysis from industry leaders in the form of live and on-demand webinars.


  1. The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE): Occupational safety

The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) is the oldest professional safety society and offers occupational safety training, publications, and standards.

Check Out: EHS Works, a blog by the ASSE, featuring posts on occupational safety topics ranging from pressure testing copper pipe systems to ISO 45001.


  1. Safety & Health Magazine: Occupational health and safety

Safety+Health Magazine, published by the National Safety Council, provides national coverage of occupational health and safety news, regulatory changes, and analysis of industry trends. Keep up with everything from DOT rulemaking to changes in OSHA standards.

Check Out: Safety + Health infographics for a range of Occupational Health and Safety stats in a fun, visual format.


  1. American Industrial Hygiene Association: Industrial hygiene and occupational health

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) offers an industry blog, special publications, and education to help industrial hygienists protect worker health.

Check Out: Industry News, an AIHA blog, covers the latest industry-related news, so you don’t miss a single standard change.


  1. Environmental Leader: Environmental, sustainability, waste management

Environmental Leader is one of the leading trade publications for commercial and industrial environmental professionals. Look to the website for top-notch content on energy, environmental compliance, and sustainability.

Check Out: Environmental Leader’s extensive collection of white papers that cover everything from buying EHS software to big data.


  1. Lexology: U.S. EPA Hub: Environmental compliance, environmental law

Lexology provides legal updates, analysis, and insights from a variety of legal sources. This U.S. EPA Hub features articles from law firms discussing new environmental regulations, regulatory updates, and guidance on environmental compliance.

Check Out: Lexology webinars for in-depth discussions on regulatory changes and other potential legal challenges that might affect your company.


  1. Federal Register: Federal rules/regulations, rulemaking process

The Federal Register is the official daily journal of the United States government, containing the latest government agency rules, proposed rules, and public notices. This site publishes new content daily, except federal holidays. It’s designed to make it easier for citizens and communities to understand the regulatory process and participate in government decision-making.

Check Out: Advanced Document Search allows you to search the website based on a number of criteria and filters. You can also create an account to save or subscribe to searches or individual rules.


  1. Regulations.gov: Federal rules/regulations, rulemaking process

Regulations.gov is a United States Federal government website acting as an “internet portal and document repository” that allows members of the public to participate in the rulemaking processes of some Federal government agencies.

Check Out: Search through Regulatory Agendas by agency and year to view an agency’s plans to issue regulations or recently completed regulations.


  1. EHS Safety News America: Occupational Health and Safety

EHS Safety News America is an Occupational Health and Safety blog produced by Jack Benton, a Certified Director of Safety out of Chicago. Jack does a wonderful job of pulling together videos, infographics, articles, and other resources from around the web to help you stay up to date with the ever-changing EHS environment.

Check Out: The free resources provided by EHS Safety News America, such as the safety toolbox talks and OSHA safety training powerpoints.


  1. EHS SolutionsBLOG: SolutionsTRAK: Environmental, health, and safety compliance

OK, we’re a little biased. But our blog offers weekly articles on best management practices, thought leadership, and downloadable resources to help EHS managers stay in compliance and achieve success. All written by hands-on consultants and engineers.

Check Out: Our free, downloadable resources: SPCC Inspection Checklist and Stormwater Inspection Checklist


  1. PSARA Technologies: Environmental, health, and safety compliance and regulations.

PSARA Technologies is an environmental, health, and safety consulting firm. Not only did they produce SolutionsTRAK, they also publish a range of current news and in-depth articles to help you keep up with environmental compliance, environmental due diligence, wastewater, stormwater and more.

Check Out: Subscribe to the PSARA monthly email newsletter for a one-stop roundup of EHS regulatory updates and other helpful resources.

What about you? Are there other favorite sites and resources you turn to again and again? Leave a comment below to share your go-to EHS online resources.