Access Denied Message

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If the solutions listed here do not address your issue, or if you encounter a problem not covered in this guide, please reach out to your customer representative or contact us at help@solutionstrak.com. Be sure to describe what you were doing when the issue occurred and provide screenshot(s) if possible, as this information will aid in diagnosing and resolving the problem more efficiently.

‘Access Denied’ Messages #

If you encounter an “Access Denied” message when trying to close out an Event via an email notification, it could be due to one of two common reasons:

  1. Login Required: If you haven’t logged into PlanTRAK in over 30 days, you’ll need to sign in again. Ensure you are logged into your account before attempting to close an event from an email notification.
  2. Event Ownership: The Event may be assigned to another user at your facility. To close Events assigned to others, you must access them from the Open Events table on the PlanTRAK platform.

If you’ve tried these steps and still face issues, it may be beneficial to contact your IT department to ensure there are no specific settings or policies blocking the functionality. If the problem continues, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

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