PlanTRAK – Basic Information

What is PlanTRAK? #

PlanTRAK is a simple, web-based task management system designed to help environmental managers and directors stay on top of environmental compliance requirements across multiple facilities that will track your compliance and regulatory items and send email notifications regarding upcoming due dates. Our environmental compliance management system is designed to help:

  • Identify and organize all compliance tasks
  • Delegate responsibility and create accountability
  • Improve record-keeping and documentation
  • Reduce compliance risk
  • Maintain your program through transition

How does it work? #

PlanTRAK creates and assigns recurring tasks, called Events, based on the information in the Management Plan. Think of the Management Plan as the engine, or scheduler, of the system. Each Plan Item in the Management Plan represents a recurring event that will be scheduled and assigned based on the frequency, initial due date, and assignment. The assigned user will receive email alerts as the event approaches its due date and must close the event before the due date, or the event will be marked as overdue.

PlanTRAK also contains various tools and reports, allowing Directors to create and assign the appropriate tasks to their staff, track and document task completion, easily find documentation, reassign tasks during staff transition, and analyze performance.

PlanTRAK is typically organized by a hierarchy of regions, divisions, and facilities. Each facility, or location, has its own management plan and open events table. All users have a user rank and access level which grant the user certain permissions, such as access to tools or reports and access to a facility or group of facilities based on the hierarchy. In order of highest to lowest user access level, the different types of users are Administrator, Executive, Director, Manager, and Associate.

How do I get to PlanTRAK? #

PlanTRAK is a web-based system, meaning you access PlanTRAK through your internet browser using the following information.

  • Website Address (URL): https://clients2.psaraonline.com/
  • Username: email (name@company.com)
  • Password: First time logging in, go through the “Forgot your password?” process

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